The Key To Writing Success? Keep The Vision

Writers Say So Note: Author and golf pro Ann Loughlin has enjoyed a long career of setting goals and achieving them.  She has graciously agreed to share her formula for writing success, which happens to be great advice for succeeding in life, as well.

Writing a book can be a daunting task. Many people say they want to write a book, but few actually sit down and hammer out the words, sentences and paragraphs that comprise the pages that become a book. I have written two books, am working on a third, and have compiled a collection of stories in book form.

The reasons I have undertaken these projects are varied and I have learned a lot along the way, as all of these books are self-published. My best advice is this: 1. If you get in a bind or become confused at all during the book writing process, go back to your early vision. This will help you clarify. 2. Let some time pass. This is where the miracles happen.

These two principles have been mainstays for me throughout my projects, The Golf Letters and Signs of Their Times, Iowa Hometown Slogans, Photos and Stories. So, stay with your early vision and let some time pass. These are simple thoughts, but powerful. I learned so much from adhering to these two principles.

It is important that the original vision be true and clear, as well. That way, one can return to the vision in the writing when there is a bump in the road. Truth and clarity will aid and abet the writer in getting back on the right path. Problems that seemed insurmountable earlier will dissolve.

Use your intuition in writing. Pay attention. Are you straying? Or, are you keeping things fine-tuned and working towards your original plan? Letting time pass, for me, personally and professionally, is quite an elixir. Being both a writer and a golf professional, I have found that “the pause” contains so much. Society today rushes us. Solutions have to be immediate and must come quickly. We are not used to waiting.

Writing and waiting and writing and waiting seemed to empower my words in a way that wouldn’t have manifested had I rushed through the endeavor. Sometimes, with a pause, different insights occur and the Universe has a way of presenting solutions, thoughts and new paths that were not evident before.

Writing takes time. One must enjoy the process for its own rewards, as well. I find this to be very true. Be sure you write for writing’s sake alone. The writing will be the best you can offer if you do this. The monetary rewards may come or not come, but at least you are writing.

Enjoy the process! Keep the vision! Wait!

Ann Loughlin is a LPGA/PGA golf professional and author of The Golf Letters & Signs of Their Times, Iowa Hometown Slogans Photos

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