I meet people all the time who say, "I could never be a writer."

What makes a writer? Is it getting published? Being paid for your work?

Those may be part of writing as a profession but what really makes a writer is the stories you have to tell.

Whether it's a novel, a children's book or SEO copywriting, I've told stories my whole life. Today I use stories to help businesses and individuals share their messages and sell their products and services.

Your unique story should shape your on and off-line presence. Not sure how to craft yours? Let's work together to tell a story that will help you build a competitive advantage and draw more customers to your business.

In addition to my Bachelor's degree in Journalism and Master's degree in Professional Writing, I've got 35 years of experience in the writing and communications field. I've worked as a publicist, director of public relations, copywriter, editor and SEO web content writer.

I've got the tools to help you tell your story. Let's talk.